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TDI SDI Instructor Course and Crossover in 2019 again!

Instructor career development – time to make plans for the upcoming season!

In 2019 our two Instructor Trainers Barbara Leth and Matthias Hanuschka will offer SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor Programs, TDI Instructor Development (up to Trimix) as well as TDI SDI Crossover programs. Sign up for the next IDC (Instructor Development Course) coming up on 27. May 2019 or write us a message so we can offer you a different date. Read more

Our brand new CCR corner!

We used the quiet months to build a decent CCR corner in our dive center! Now you have a comfortable place to fill your scrubber or store your unit and accessories!


Support for our CCR diving guests

We are extending our support for our guests diving on CCR units and offering Sofnolime 797 scrubber in 20kg kegs. Please drop us a note that you are arriving with your CCR unit and pre-order your scrubber, and we will have it ready for you upon your arrival!

Diving grade Sofnolime absorbs carbon dioxide ensuring a breathable atmosphere is maintained. It is optimised for the removal of carbon dioxide from recirculated air/nitrox/heliox in rebreathers and saturation dive systems, commercial and leisure diving rebreathers, dive chamber/bell scrubbers/gas reclaim systems and dive gas conditioning units.

For more information about Sofnolime 797 please check the manufacturer’s data sheet here: Sofnolime 797


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