Housebay0 Kn0 Eur
* For housebay dives only, we charge an additional fee of 50 Kuna (7 EUR) per day. Tank filling not included.


Shore dive with car190 KN25 EUR
Reefdive Zone 1250 KN33 EUR
Reefdive Zone 2270 KN36 EUR
Wreckdive450 KN60 EUR
All prices include Tank filling with air.


For 6 dives 6%, for 7 dives 7%, for 8 dives 8% etc. until max. 15% discount

* Discounts applicable on dives and extras.


Non-Diver on boat ½ day150 KN20 EUR
Nightdive110 KN15 EUR
Extra tank filling60 KN8 EUR
Nitrox up to 32%60 KN8 EUR
Nitrox 32%-80%100 KN13 EUR
O2 Liter0 KN0 EUR
Diveguide per person190 KN25 EUR
Instructor per day and person940 KN125 EUR
Sofnolime 797 per KG70 KN9 EUR

Equipment rental

Cylinder0 KN0 EUR
ABC / regulator / BCD / wetsuit / dive computer0 KN0 EUR
Underwater torch0 KN0 EUR
Underwater scooter per hour runtime0 KN0 EUR
Weights and belt0 KN0 EUR
Compass0 KN0 EUR
Gloves, Hood0 KN0 EUR
Full set (Cylinder, weights, wetsuit, ABC, regulator, BCD)190 KN25 EUR

Diving Courses

Tune up dive350 KN47 EUR
Introduction dive560 KN75 EUR
Introduction dive from boat750 KN100 EUR
SDI Supervised Diver incl. Equipment2175 KN290 EUR
SDI Open Water Scuba Diver incl. Equipment3525 KN470 EUR
SDI Supervised Diver Upgrade incl. Equipment2025 KN270 EUR
SDI Advanced Adventure Diver2660 KN355 EUR
SDI Advanced Adventure Diver incl. Equipment2960 KN395 EUR
SDI Rescue Diver3675 KN490 EUR
SDI Computer Nitrox Diver1025 KN137 EUR
SDI Wreck Diver2500 KN333 EUR
SDI Deep Diver2500 KN333 EUR
SDI Advanced Buoyancy Control1450 KN193 EUR
SDI Dry Suit Diver1450 KN193 EUR
SDI Sidemount Diver1950 KN260 EUR
SDI Dry Suit oder Night oder Navigation Diver1450 KN193 EUR
SDI Diver Propulsion Vehicle Diver1450 KN193 EUR
SDI Solo Diver1950 KN270 EUR
TDI Intro to Tech2500 KN333 EUR
TDI Nitrox Diver1450 KN333 EUR
TDI Sidemount Diver2500 KN333 EUR
TDI Diver Propulsion Vehicle Diver2025 KN270 EUR
TDI Advanced Nitrox Diver4500 KN600 EUR
TDI Decompression Procedures Diver4500 KN600 EUR
TDI Combo DecoProc/AdvNitrox7125 KN950 EUR
TDI Extended Range Diver7125 KN950 EUR
TDI Helitrox Diver7125 KN950 EUR
TDI Trimix Diver (ex. Gase)7125 KN950 EUR
TDI Advanced Trimix Diver (ex. Gase)7125 KN950 EUR
JJ-CCR Rebreather Try Dive750 KN100 EUR
TDI CCR Air Diluent Diver7500 KN1000 EUR
TDI CCR Air Diluent Decompression Diver7500 KN1000 EUR
TDI CCR Helitrox Decompression Diver (ex. Helium)7500 KN1000 EUR
TDI CCR Mixed Gas Diver7500 KN1053 EUR
TDI CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Diveron requeston request
TDI Nitrox Gas Blender1450 KN193 EUR
TDI Advanced Gas Blender1450 KN193 EUR
* EUR-Prices are for orientation only, billing will be done in Kuna. All prices include 25% tax.